Account Management

Bill One streamlines the process of sending and managing your invoices. All you need is an account, and you can start uploading, emailing, or even posting your invoices to your customers.

Here’s how to manage your Bill One vendor account.

Frequently asked questions

Bill One is an online invoice receiving service from Sansan Inc., provider of the Sansan cloud-based contact management tool for corporations. Bill One enables receiving of all invoices online, speeding up companies’ monthly account closing.

Keep your current invoice issuing process
You can keep both paper and digital invoices as you currently use them. No change is required in the invoice issuing flow, either. Bill One receives invoices by postal mail, email, or upload, and delivers them to the destination recipient.

It’s free to use
There’s no charge for sending invoices through Bill One. You’ll save on mailing costs by switching from mailed invoices to email or uploads.

Check delivery history
You can check invoice delivery history and open status through Bill One. This means less can go missing during sending, and mistakes and misunderstandings are less likely to occur.

A Bill One account gives access to the following functions.

Notification of receipt
Receive email notifications when Bill One receives the invoices you sent.

Check delivery history
View your invoice delivery history through Bill One.

See the open status
Check whether the intended recipient has seen the invoice.

Send invoices quickly
Set the sending method to “Upload” and you can prevent delays caused by sending mistakes or unforseen problems, and reduce mailing costs.

Go here for more information about the Upload function.

Please check the following points.
– Correct email?
– Entered your own Bill One email?

Set a new password on login screen in Forgot your password?, if you you have forgotten your password.

No, there’s no charge. Bill One is free for all users.

Please tell the recipient and have them send you a new sending address.

Have the person in charge send an email for the other person to register

1. Click the URL in an email from the customer company
– The account registration page will be displayed.

2. Check the company name, person’s name, and email on the displayed page.
– Edit the information as necessary.
– If you already have an account, click “Already have an account?” to log in and finish the process.

3. Click “Create account”.
– A password setting request will be sent to the registered email address.

4. Click “Set password” in the request email.

5. Follow the instructions to finish setting the password.

Your Bill One account is now ready to use.

1. Click the person icon in the top right, then Account settings

2. Modify the information (company name, person name) as necessary.

3. Choose your language.

4. Click Save.

The sender profile is now modified.

Set a new password on login screen in Forgot your password?

Please use Forgot your password? on the login page.

No, it’s not mandatory.

But creating an account opens up other valuable features:
– Check invoice sending history
– See the open status
– Send invoice via upload

You need only one account if only you are issuing the invoices. Click the URL in the address change request email and log in to Bill One to complete it.